Charleston Chimney Sweeps has been sweeping, repairing, and restoring chimneys in Charleston, SC for over 18 years.

Maintaining and restoring well-functioning and safe chimney systems in the Lowcountry is very different from anywhere else in the United States. It takes a special knowledge of the unique and historic architecture as well as the issues caused by our humid coastal environment that only comes with years of experience in the Charleston area.


From addressing the effects of the salt, oxidation, and wind-shear on your home and chimney to recreating a historic mortar blend to repair your brickwork, Charleston Chimney Sweeps has the knowledge and expertise to provide the peace of mind of a well-burning fireplace and efficient chimney system in your home.

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It’s not uncommon to find issues due to poor chimney and fireplace construction. Chimney height, location, and construction as well as how many bends are in your chimney and the tightness of your home all play a vital role in the success of burning a good fire. Charleston Chimney Sweeps understands chimney physics and fireplace mechanics and can offer solutions for modifying or reconstructing your firebox to help you burn more safely and efficiently.

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There’s a physics to chimneys. A well-constructed chimney will last longer and with less issues over the years.

Fire Safety Tips

• Always open your damper prior to starting a fire in your firebox.

• Never leave a fire unattended. Be sure to completely extinguish a fire before going to bed.

• Have your chimney swept at least once a year to reduce the risk of chimney fires.

• In the case of a chimney fire, immediately call 911 and get everyone out of the house.

• Following a fire or incident, call Charleston Chimney Sweeps for a chimney inspection to ensure it’s safe to use your fireplace again.

See What Others are Saying

  • Charleston Chimney Sweeps is Ashley Webster. He makes the company what it is. He has a heart of gold and will go the extra mile. He even explained a simple repair technique I could do myself, saving me $175 that he could have charged me and done himself.

    He truly lives by his word and for Ash, integrity isn't something you just say, it's part of a code he lives by. His personality and integrity are why he has such a loyal customer base. If you need a chimney swept or repair work done, Ash is the man to call.

     - Yvonne

  • If I could give this business a 10 instead of a 5 I would. Before you use any other chimney sweeps use these. IF you do use another chimney sweep be wise and get a second opinion. Ash solved my problem quickly and was very reasonable. I highly......highly recommend their service.

     - Eliane T.

  • Reasonable and knowledgeable. I highly recommend their services!

     - Delia V.

  • So glad I called Charleston Chimney Sweeps. The appointment was on time and professionally well done! The friendly gentleman inspected my chimney, gave it a thorough cleaning, explained everything and gave me some great tips. The visit was efficient and affordable. What a great experience! I couldn't be happier!

     - Jenny P.

  • Ashley was here the day after I called & was pleasant & professional. Inspected, cleaned & repaired cracks in our fireplace. Honest & reasonable.

     - Ed D.